Bitsum ParkControl Pro Full Version

Bitsum ParkControl Pro Full Version – Software that allows you to speed CPU temperature settings when in a state of high performance. The technology is very similar to the frequency scale, in that it seeks to save energy.

The problem is that Windows default power profiles are configured far too aggressively when it comes to core parking, especially on workstations. Their interest was in conserving energy, even if this meant marginally decreasing performance. A number of complex parameters control when a core should be parked, and Microsoft tuned heavily towards power savings.The core parking settings in Windows are implemented as parameters of power plans (aka power profiles). That means you can, for example, disable core parking for the High Performance power plan, but leave it enabled for other plans. And that is exactly the desired tweak for most users: disable parking only for high performance power plans.

Bitsum ParkControl Pro

Bitsum ParkControl Pro very safe to use and offers advanced capabilities tweaking, process Lasso’s Automation capabilities include:

  • Power plan automation – Switch power plans while idle (IdleSaver), or when specified process(es) are found running, or by a manual timer (Keep Awake), etc…
  • Process setting automation – Set persistent CPU affinities, and CPU, I/O, and memory priorities for processes.
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  • Process action automation – Perform an action on a process when certain criteria are met. You can also set processes to auto-restart if they crash (‘Keep Running’) and so much more!
Operating system : Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
›  License : Trial
›  Version : Bitsum ParkControl Pro
›  Size : 2.3 Mb
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