Download macOS Transformation Pack 4.0

By | August 26, 2016

macOS Transformation Pack 4.0 can change your Windows desktop as MacOS. That’s pretty good, you can use your Windows PC with this program as MacOS interface. Windows Program 10/8/7 / Vista / XP adds a different look with the operating system.

macOS Transformation Pack (MTP) v4.0 Changelog

  • Added El Capitan desktop icons in theme files
  • Added more Sierra wallpaper
  • Added multiple versions of Windows 10 theme installation support (TH/TH2/AE)
  • Added Windows 10 Anniversary Edition v1607 support
  • Changed product name to macOS Transformation Pack
  • Disabled font rendering engine on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition to (bug on major controls)
  • Fixed installation bugs with permission on other cases
  • Removed changing Windows 10’s logon screen for now to avoid corrupting logon system on Windows 10 v1607
  • Removed some old Helvetica Neue fonts to fix thin font rendering
  • Removed Windows 10 v1511 theme installation workaround (still add permissions for manual hack)
  • Updated Windows 10 v1607 themes by cu88 from free releases (You can buy full version with more themes)
Size : 135 Mb

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