Download Tor Browser Bundle 6.0.5 Final

By | September 17, 2016

Download Tor Browser Bundle 6.0.5 Final – Tor Browser Bundle is a free tool to protect user data and entire computer. This program protects the system when using the Internet and hide your valuable data on the network.

Tor Browser connects to the Tor network, which allows free browsing, and perform many other activities, including conducting a conference or view the e-mail. In this way we will provide computers and data against possible burglary and theft of valuable information and other files on your hard drive.

Using this program is quite simple, just run it and will soon establish a connection to the Tor network, which will change the support of an anonymous IP address to hide the true identity of the user. In addition, this program has a built-in Firefox browser, which has been modified such that it is suitable for browsing when connected to the Tor network.

Operating system : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
›  License : Freeware
›  Version : Tor Browser Bundle 6.0.5
›  Size : 47.5 Mb

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