Lumenzia: Luminosity Masking Panel 2.0.8 (Adobe Photoshop)

By | November 26, 2016

Lumenzia: Luminosity Masking Panel 2.0.8 For Adobe Photoshop (Win/Mac) –  Luminosity masks allow you to create gorgeous and realistic edits in Photoshop. Lumenzia allows you to use use them quickly and easily. Its advanced javascript engine handles all the luminosity masking complexity for you in the background, so all you need to think about is making beautiful images.

The Lumenzia panel features:

  • Customizeable luminosity masking presets
  • Zone masking system
  • Zone pickers (select the right zone mask visually by clicking on the image)

– Range picker (select any range of midtones visually by clicking on the image)
– “Lighter/Darker” masks (select pixels relative to surrounding pixels)
– Refine masks to specific locations or colors in the image
– Combine masks (merge group masks to save space and see exactly what is masked)
– Split-screen to see the mask and image simultaneously
– “PreBlend” to automatically stack, align, and sort exposures for blending
– Custom vignettes
– Dodging and burningSaturation masks (color-specific vibrance control)
– Apply or replace masks on existing layers with a single click
– Luminosity and dust visualization tools to easily find and fix defects
– Advanced sharpening methods for portraits (surface blur) and landscape (high pass)
– Quick access to training and support videos (via “tutorials” button)

Operating system : Windows 10/8/7
›  License : Shareware
›  Version : Lumenzia: Luminosity Masking Panel 2.0.8
›  Size : 128.5 Mb

Lumenzia: Luminosity Masking Panel | zippyshare

Lumenzia: Luminosity Masking Panel | datafilehost

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