ProDAD Mercalli Plugin for Vegas 4.0.470.1 x64 Full Keygen

By | September 24, 2016

ProDAD Mercalli Plugin for Vegas 4.0.470.1 x64 Full Keygen – Mercalli V4 + is a tool to optimize your video recordings. This tool is supported advanced features include Video stabilizer, and a rolling shutter correction for CMOS every action cam, camera phones or camcorders.

Mercalli is a final solution to remove the problem CMOS-based sensors such as the wobble, jello, tilting or vibration and distortion. Compared with the camera’s internal stabilizer Mercalli V4 + clearly produce superior results and allows for wider viewing angles.

What’s New in proDAD Mercalli 4:

Highlights of the new Plug-ins and improvements over Version Mercalli V2:

  • Stabilization Really fully automatic, easier to use in some clips
  • Chart overlay Interactive to uncover problem zones in the video as an aid for manual adjustment as part of the optimization maximum video
  • Analysis of Very videos faster than the stabilization process (although significantly better than in V2)
  • Fade effect at the beginning and the end of the stabilization of the region in order to quickly and easily stabilize an area smaller than the clip again (without cutting)
  • Image sharpness in the stable results were significantly higher due to fewer zoom-in requirements and new algorithms, especially with interlaced material
  • Fisheye effect video is no longer interfere with the quality of stabilization
  • Zoom-in requirement significantly reduced for stabilization, resolution and wide-angle making it more stable in the results
  • With a single click, all the clips are trimmed, can be fully automated stable again. (Previously, it must be started individually for each clip manually)
  • Now supports 10-bit, 4K and CinemaScope
  • Stabilization now for stereoscopic 3D material
  • Optimized multi-core and multi-threading for maximum computing speed
  • Incl. GPU support as accelerator (depending on the graphics card)

System requirements:

  • 64bit Windows: Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10, 4GB of RAM, a graphics card with 512MB u.Shader 3.0
  • Recommended for real-time applications: Windows 64 bit: i7 CPU with 3 GHz and 8 cores, 12GB of main memory
  • To Stabilizr: Good graphics card with 512 MB, Shader 3.0 with a fast bus
  • To CmosFixr: Very good graphics card with 1GB, Shader 3.0 with super fast bus
  • MAGIX Vegas Pro 13 or higher.
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