Proxy Mask

By | July 29, 2016

Proxy Mask – A proxy is a program that can help protect your identity online. The software is basically hide your real IP address.

In addition to helping protect your online identity, Proxy switcher will give you the opportunity to access restricted content. For example, you might want to watch video is not available in your country. By changing the IP address you are from another country, you will be required to access video.

These components are ideal for accessing blocked websites either for a specific territory restrictions or limitations imposed by Internet Service Provider.

Proxy Checker and Switcher gives us more options including Transparent proxy, Anonymous and Elite.

Transparent proxy, ideal to be able to browse to blocked sites. With an anonymous proxy, proxy site can determine usage but can not identify the location and the correct IP address of the user and is an elite proxy function to prevent websites detect whether the person using a proxy server that is useful to prevent sites from tracking users.

Proxy Mask

Size : 9.7 MB

Proxy Mask | datafilehost

Proxy Mask | zippyshare

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