PRTG Network Monitor Stable Installer

By | August 23, 2016

PRTG Network Monitor Full Version – Popular programs to monitor network traffic. The program’s interface is based on the API, which is built with HTML and can be accessed from the browser itself. This application is specifically designed for network administrators who want to analyze the unknown program using network bandwidth.

PRTG Network Monitor Stable is also suitable for determining the load of individual network elements. Administrators can also test and analyze accurate data transfer that occurs in the network. interesting option is the ability to notify administrators about errors detected by sending an SMS or email.

Features :

  • Network monitoring for professionals
  • Installed in 2 minutes
  • Automatically discovers your network
  • Monitors your network 24/7
  • Alerts you before emergencies occur
  • Used by 150,000 administrators worldwide

Size : 210 MB

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