RedCrab Calculator 6.5.0 Latest Version

By | November 21, 2016

RedCrab Calculator 6.5.0 Latest Version is a tool that can help you to facilitate the calculation of technical, scientific and financial. This tool supports most mathematical functions. In addition, this program gives you the ability to compose text, or add a Greek alphabet letter, which is often used in the recording of mathematical operations.

RedCrab is handling the basic functions like a conventional calculator. No training is needed, because the software is easy to use. Results can be displayed in different numeric format or in the diagram. Images and text can be entered to describe a complex calculation.

Features of RedCrab Calculator:

  • Free placement of mathematical formulas in natural notation 
  • Numerics formats of results
    -Decimal fixed point, floating point, exponent
    – Hexadecimal, octal or binary
    – Date and time format
    – Optionaly with text
    – with units of measurement
    – with prefix
  • Individual assignment of output formats to variables
  • Audible announcement of the results
  • Graphical display of the results in charts (over 30 chart types)
  • 30 chart types
  • Chart toolbar to change the series names, colours and axis properties
  • Calculating with units of measure. Automatic conversion of different systems in a formula (km, miles, acres, liter, yard)
  • Separate calculation of selected functions
  • Defining your own mathematical functions
  • Accuracy 14 digits or 28 digits
  • Print selected areas of the worksheet
  • Insert of text boxes
  • Toolbar for text editing
  • Insert of images
  • Toolbar for image editing
  • Math classes
  • Over 35 arithmetic and trigonometric functions
  • 9 functions and operators for bit handling
  • Data fields and matrix functions
  • 12 statistical functions
  • 13 financial functions
  • Tooltips with examples and graphics in German and English
  • Programming your own functions in an integrated programming language
  • Slider for variable data input
System requirement RedCrab Calculator VI
› Microsoft *Windows XP, Vista, W7, W8.x, W10 
› Framework 4.0 or higher
›  License : Freeware
›  Version : RedCrab Calculator 6.5.0
› Size : 3.8 Mb

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