Stardock Start8 1.56 Multilingual Free Download

By | September 1, 2016

Stardock Start8 1.56 Multilingual – Software to restore the classic Start menu with access to the most important functions in Windows 8 and 8.1. The Start menu is placed at the location of the lower left corner of the screen.

Stardock Start8 1.56 able to customize the look of the start menu to all elements of the latest Windows 8. Users can choose the style (GUI) known as Windows 7 or modern design (Modern UI) of Windows 8. When choosing the style of tiles you can adjust the size and sorting out all located within the application. On the other hand, if you choose to see the standard Windows 7, then you get access to the same functions and tools such as My Computer, Documents, My Pictures, the control panel and the device and printer.

Stardock Software Ablyt Start8:

  • Adding Taskbar Start menu in Windows 8
  • Improved search functionality of the programs installed on Windows 8
  • Add the Run option to right click menu on the desktop
  • Combined Options Shutdown, Restart and desktop right click menu
  • Customizing the Windows Start button selection
  • Can be installed on Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012

System:Windows 8/10

Size : 3.6 Mb
Start8 for Windows version 8.1 | dailyuploads

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