Wake On LAN 2.11.13 Latest Version

By | December 5, 2016

Wake On LAN 2.11.13 Latest Version – Wake On Lan provides you with startup/shutdown management for your machine and more. It can be easily configured to wake up and shutdown a remote computer that is powered off, ping a target computer along with providing the status, wake up remote machines via the internet, perform emergency shutdowns, remote server connection, and allows you to listen for WOL packets in an effort to assist in network trouble-shooting.

Wake On LAN 2.11.13

Wake On Lan Features: 


  • Send wake-up packets to computers that support Magic-Packet WOL Shutdown 
  • Shutdown Windows domain computers. Also, with more complexity, shutdown Windows non-domain computers, and Linux computers via script Listener 
  • Monitor and display incoming WOL packets. Useful for troubleshooting network routing issue Scanner 
  • The Network Scanner makes it easy to survey networks and add hosts to the database 
  • Network interface for WOL packets is configurable 
  • Shutdown Linux machines using script 
  • Minimize to task tray 
  • Ability to auto-start with Windows 
  • Search tool attempts to determine if WOL is enabled on scanned Windows computers 
  • Avoids power spikes by staggering wake-up events 
  • Send email notifications using the built-in scheduling system 
  • Can be used in static or DHCP addressing networks 
  • System-tray notifications and balloon tips 
  • Sound notifications when hosts change state 
  • Automatic check for latest version 
  • Supports Wake-Up over the Internet using separate WOLAgent software
Operating system : Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP 
›  License : Freeware
›  Version : Wake On LAN 2.11.13
›  Size : 6.8 Mb
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