WinReducer Ex-100 Portable

WinReducer Ex-100 Latest Version –  Allows you to build a custom installation package for Windows 10, which contains updates, applications, drivers, files unattended and special settings.

Because of the complexity of this operation, cutting-edge skills needed to get the ISO functional. And even experienced users are advised to take the time to analyze the effect of removing certain functions Os before eliminating it from the deployment package.


WinReducer Ex-100

Innate feature changes and looks of Windows 10

  • modifications appearance
  • feature changes
  • service management
  • elimination of some built-in applications Metro UI
  • driver
  • font
  • keyboard installed
  • theme
  • etc.
Operating system : Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
›  License : Freeware
›  Version : WinReducer Ex-100
›  Size : 7.4 Mb
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